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 Website Design and Redesign

"Helping make the web  friendlier & more accessible"

Easy Layouts
The Internet is cluttered with bad websites. Functionality and usability will form lasting relationships with your viewers. Not knowing anything, a person should be able to figure out your website in less than 6 seconds.

Content Management System (CMS)
With a CMS in place there is no need to maintain the army of web designers and programmers – all updates to the web site can be handled by a single person through a GUI interface with just a few mouse clicks. Unlimited amount of pages and categories, WYSIWYG editor and integration with any design are just a few things to mention.

Search engine optimization
If your site is not search engine optimized (SEO), you're cutting off a large percentage of organic traffic.


Brand awareness & Content management
Get rid of the jargon and the lacklustre stock photography. Learn to be yourself, regular posts with relevant information helps in connecting with your customers.


Web site tracking and analytics
Your website redesign should never be over. Make sure you identify clear and realistic brand and business goals.

Mobile presence
Not too long ago, a mobile site was a nice-to-have add on. That's no longer the case. In this technology hungry society, your website design must be  compatible with tablets and mobile devices.



 Social Media Analytics

"Why bother updating your Facebook Fan page if you have no idea the effect its making on your business?"

Tracking where your fans come from and which ones are leaving
Getting more Likes is great, unless they aren't  around to hear what you're saying. You need to track fan growth and make sure you're getting a higher quality listening audience, not just 'more fans'..

Daily analytic breakdowns
Day Overviews help put together the pieces when you notice a major spike in one of your favourite Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Turn your listening audience into your engaged audience
If you get 50,000 impressions of a particular post on your page, you're seeing how many chances you had to be seen, not how many people you're actually reaching. Giving you the actual number of fans reached per day, learning what content is performing better in the Newsfeed..

Share your progress with your customers, bosses, and colleagues
Since you've spent all these hours making sure you're being heard, you probably want to share it with someone else. Providing you with PDF reports and comprehensive CSV Export.

Key knowledge consumption
Facebook will tell you "active users", but that's basically how many people they're showing your posts to, not demographics of people actually engaging with your content.



 Brand Identity Package

"A great solution whether you are looking to create, or refresh your visual identity"

Logo Design
The heart of your brand is your logo. A 3 phase design process ensures you get a good one.

Business Card Design
They represent your business when you are not around. Make sure they are doing a good job.

Envelope Design
Give your business correspondence that professional touch with your custom branded envelopes.

Letterhead Design
Well designed official letterhead will legitimize your documents and help you to stand out.



 Posters, flyers and all other print material

"I not only design for the web but I also love to design for print."

Brochure Design
A powerfull tool for meeting your marketing and advertising needs.

Poster Design
Successful poster designs communicate a clear message, makes you halt and look, then draw you into the finer details.

Postcard Design
A great PR device for anything from holiday greetings to appointment reminders.

And More...
I can assist in delivering cutting edge materials to enhance your brand recognition.

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