Alain Verdier - Web Designer/DeveloperWeb Design Specialist

My name is , I am a Web Designer located in beautifull Calgary Alberta. I love everything and anything web related. I work with clients to produce beautiful, accessible and useful projects which help their interests to grow and flourish online.

I've worked on a broad range of projects for large companies, small businesses, charities and individuals looking to reach people through effective web and email marketing.

The key is to get your brand's message to the right people, the right way, at the right time. And that's what I do. To strike a chord with your customers. To mean something to others.

My work is produced with great attention to detail, complimentary pallette, expressive typography and clear communication.

I communicate. Clearly. Concisely. Visually.

Even though I get paid to create, market and manage websites, I also dabble in Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, and IT Network systems. I love having a versatile and wide range of capabilities because it keeps me motivated and interested in different ways of approaching web design, marketing, and social media marketing.




 Here are the services I can offer you:

Have a look through some of my projects, and don't hesitate to Contact me and we can discuss the many possibilities working together.

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